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Unveiling Radiance, Transforming Confidence.


Meet Klara

Introducing Skin Haus by Klara, a lifelong dream turned reality. Klara's passion for skincare and self-care inspired this venture, driven by a belief that everyone deserves healthy, radiant skin.


At the heart of Skin Haus is Klara's joy in witnessing clients' skin transformations and the confidence that follows. With a warm and inviting voice, Skin Haus speaks of personalized skincare solutions for all skin types, solving the puzzle of skincare with patience and dedication.


Skin Haus stands for the idea that looking good equals feeling good. Klara shares her love for skincare through various treatments, showcasing before-and-after results to emphasize the transformative power of expert care.


In a nutshell, Skin Haus is more than a skincare destination—it's a haven where the journey to beautiful, confident skin begins.

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Drop them here, and Skin Haus by Klara will be in touch. Reach us at or connect on our socials. We're looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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